Wonderful Radio Liechtenstein

Out of a composite of bits of half-developed comedy, some of the songs I wrote for the late lamented Toyin Melody and a few midnight mixing-sessions emerged the concrete edifice that is the Radio Liechtenstein Demo.  Inspired directly by Vivian Stanshall's Radio Flashes and the fake adverts on The Goodies, containing the best recordings I could get of some of the songs I've written, and meticulously narrated by that moustached marvel, Ken Barraclough, the demo is probably the best existing introduction to my audio stylings.  I hope to expand on it rudely at some point in the future.

Wonderful Radio Liechtenstein, by the way, was a radio station of the golden age of Pirate radio -- except that, unlike most of the Pirate ships, which broadcast their illicit pop from outside the five-mile-limit, Radio Liechtenstein was broadcast from a ten watt transmitter on an old canal barge.

The Radio Liechtenstein Demo


I've been writing songs for, at a rough guess, five years now.  In my head it's been a lot longer, but I have this terrible tendency to restrict myself to ridiculously impractical rhyme schemes (sometimes not far short of holorimes) and reject any lyric even vaguely clichéd.  Since a lot of what I've experienced has also been experienced by large numbers of other people, this is problematic.

Anyway, in 2003 I asked people to challenge me to write songs with seven words of their choice in.  I think the fact that these songs had novelty value took the pressure off; when I performed a couple, and nobody laughed or ran away, I discovered I had no excuse and continued to write.


Lagos '82

Splashing In Puddles

Mainframe Lunacy


The Great Impostor

Thwarted By Hamsters

This is a musical, mostly populated by rodents, that I'm writing for a holiday trip 21 people and I are taking to Ardgour House, near Fort William, this April.

There's really no excuse for this kind of thing, is there?

Thwarted By Hamsters

the seven words project

The seven words project is an attempt I am making to provoke myself into writing things.  It started as an idle boast on my LiveJournal, but then grew into something much more industrious.  Essentially, I challenged my friends to give me seven words which I would then have to incorporate into a song.

It's been a long time since I wrote anything on these, but if you're in the mood, I'm always open to new sets of words if you mail me.  Here are the currently completed works ....

Princess Cinderella


Sound And Fury

Glass Ménage


Also inspired by the Seven Words Project:

Seven Words

This is set to the tune of Five Years by David Bowie.


Nidavellir is a heavy-metal joke.  I will probably explain more once I'm on a faster connection; until that blessed time, here it is:

Halls Of Asgard