Hitch-Hiker's picture competition

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The full-size pictures of the locations I drew for the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Computer game, and the thumbnails and data sheets of the objects.  There's also some burbling and description.

24-hour comic day


My good friend Russ and I spent a whole day trying to draw a 24-page comic.  In fact I only managed 13 pages and he managed a full cartoon but only pencilled (I still think this counts).  Still, we had a lot of fun trying.


And how.


My dreams.

This is actually based on a dream I had that I was reading a cartoon called Neverwhere, clearly inspired by Neil Gaiman.  I have never seen the actual Neverwhere, but in my dream the cartoon was visually quite a lot like Sandman, and had London Underground based concepts.  The idea was based around the cartoonist -- he was stuck in a drafting job he didn't like, and drew cartoons based on his dreams.  He had a girlfriend who didn't know about the cartoons and in a couple of panels he had to invent a hasty lie to explain some notes for one that she'd found.

When I awoke I liked this idea so much -- a dream-based cartoon with a first-person narrator who also had the dreams he narrated and "drew" them -- that I decided to expunge such Gaimaneity as I could find and do it myself.  After all, if I dream a person and that person creates something, is it really plagiarism if I use it?  Or, perhaps, should I regard my rôle as somewhat more like a publisher's, conveying my creation's creations to the world?

Do we owe the sacred image of an unwavering band of light that makes up our awareness to Kurt Vonnegut, the author, or to Rabo Karabekian, the character in Vonnegut's book?

Either way, I think it's probably the best idea for a cartoon I've ever had.